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Tom Gerencer, CEO

Tom Gerencer founded Blue Button Marketing to drive real revenue to clients through journalist-level content that ranks high, wins big traffic, and converts to massive sales. As CEO of Blue Button, Tom builds and leads teams of top-tier content writers and copywriters in an efficient system that clients fall in love with.


Tom is an ASJA content writer and editor in the fields of science, tech, business, healthcare, and the outdoors. He has written over 1,500 high-traffic articles with more than 70 million readers worldwide, for publications like HP Tech Takes, Boys’ Life, The Boston Globe Magazine, Fast Company, Outdoor Life, and Costco Connection. He’s the author of the business book Think Like Google, the Discovery Channel children’s book How It’s Made, and the short story collection Intergalactic Refrigerator Repairmen Seldom Carry Cash. Tom appears regularly on Wired Magazine’s Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast, and lives in Maine and West Virginia with his wife Kathy, two adventurous boys, and a couple of ornery dogs.

High Quality Content

Our clients give us massive kudos for the quality of our content, but our process is simple. We take the time to understand your niche, learn about your web searchers, what they’re hunting, and why, and craft content that serves them better than what Google currently offers.

Cut Out the Middle Men

Our agency clients buy top-quality content from us, then resell it to national brands, often with a 100% markup. When you work directly with us, you’ll pay a lot less for exceptional content, because you won’t pay that markup. Effectively, you get journalist-quality verbiage for half price.

Expert Writers

We don’t hire “generalist” writers for any project, ever. When a client comes to us with a bedding blog, a skin healthcare website, or a national ecommerce camera store, we hire writers with years of experience succeeding in that niche.

Real Revenue Growth

We don’t just create content. We analyze your current traffic and conversions, then do a deep web analysis to build a map of content we can create that will rank and convert. One of the first deliverables you’ll get is a real revenue projection you can sink your teeth into.

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